5th Regional Internet Governance Forum
“Internet as the key to innovation and prosperity” December 07, 2017


The First Azerbaijan Internet Governance Forum – Agenda



  First day



Registration (Tea & coffee break)



   Opening  Ceremony

  • Mr. Elmir Velizadeh, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Ms. Natalia Alhazishvili, Deputy Resident Representative, UNDP Country Office, Azerbaijan
  • Mr. Vyacheslav Cherkasov, Senior Governance and Public Administration Officer, United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs
  • Mr. Nikolay Pomoshchnikov, Head, ESCAP Subregional Office for North and Central Asia
  • Mr. Osman Gunduz – Prezident, Azerbaijan Internet Forum
  • Mr. Nariman Hajiyev, National Project Manager, Establsihment of IGF Secretariat project
  • The 9th Internet Governance Forum 2014, host country Turkey



Tea & coffee break



Session 1.  Internet Governance as development of regional affairs: New trends, opportunities and risks:

What is current situation? How can we incorporate global Internet governance issues into local, national and international development approaches?

What are current and new regional Internet governance initiatives? How can we ensure benefit of every single representative of public from potential internet advantageous via access to regional internet resources and new policies regarding internet diversity?


  1. Mr. Robert Shlegel, Member of State Duma of Russian Federation
  2. Mr. Rahid Alekberli, Chief Information Officer, Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy
  3. Ms. Palovirta Johanna, Manager EU Affairs, ISOC
  4. Mr. Osman Gunduz –  the Prezident of Azerbaijan Internet Forum
  5. Mr. Rashad Aliyev – Member of AIF MS.






 Session 2.  Open government initiatives, access to Internet and national content:

Online transparency, e-government and civil society, open government initiatives, ASAN service centers, access to Internet, Identification of concerns/problems for vulnerable citizens in the information society; The way forward; Legal aspects of national domain registration and its usage; The improvement of national domain registration; Domain names in Azerbaijani language and its development perspectives; To what extent national domain zone is necessary?



  1. Ms. Veronica Cretu, President, Open Government Institute, Moldova
  2. Mr. Leonid Todorov, Coordination Center for the Russian TLDs.
  3. Mr. Yuri Misnikov, UN International consultant
  4. Mr. Alasgar Mammadli – member of AIF MS, media expert (Online transparency, Internet Access, Internet freedom, etc.).
  5. Mr. Farhad Yusifov, Head of Department of doctoral degree, IIT


 Tea & coffee break



Session 3. Regional information security and Cyber crime:

Identification of challenges related to cyber security (terrorism, infiltration and leakage of confidential information); How can governments ensure cyber security for its citizens in an increasingly privatized cyber security market? How can states become stronger in cyber security related issues? Are there appropriate forums for multi stakeholder cooperation? The current situation and prospects in information security sector; Computer crimes; Cyber attacks to the online news resources; Development directions of Cyber ​​crime and legislation.


  1. Mr. Edward M. Roche, Advisor on national strategies for ICT
  2. Mr. Faiq Farmanov, Director of Electronic Security Center
  3. Mr. Cahid İsmayıloglu – member of AIF MS, expert, Cybercrime and Information security
  4. Ms. Saadat Bunyadova, Expert Consultant, Institute of Information Technology


Second day, December 4, 2013



Session 4. Internet governance and national Internet infrastructure in Azerbaijan:

New projects, investments, and new technologies;

Lessons learned from leading countries of the relevant sector; Lack of high speed internet and its impact on opportunities for youth in ICT network; Internet access at rural areas and its perspectives.


  1. Mr. Dmitriy Burkov, RIPE NCC Executive Board Member
  2. Mr. Nigel Hickson, ICANN Vice President, Europe
  3. Mr. Tony Bonnici, UNECE/GVA/UNO
  4. Ms. Susan Aliyeva, Project Director, Eurodesign
  5. Mr. Vahid Qasımov – member of  AIF MS, Regulation of the national domains


Tea & coffee break




Session 5.  Social network and Social media as a solution for digital divide:

Civil participation via social networks (Twitter, Facebook); Opportunities for youth at the ICT network; Education networks: opportunities comparison of youth/students in cities and rural regions; Child safety in Internet; Content filtering for children; International best practices; The filtering at the education system; Ethic standards in new media; Offline and online audiences; Will a new media succeed to replace an old one? New media training, trends and world practic; Social Media and Business in contemporary Azerbaijan.


  1. Mr. Vyacheslav Cherkasov, Senior Governance and Public Administration Officer, UNDESA
  2. Ms. Veronica Cretu, President, Open Government Institute, Moldova
  3. Mr. Azer Hasrat – member of AIF MS and the Press Council (Internet media, social media,  ethical standards in the new media, off-line and online audience).
  4. Mr. Shaiq Muradov – member of AIF MS,  Social media
  5. Mr. Elshad Yusifli – member of AIF MS, monitoring of online news resources.


Lunch Time




Session 6. Developing Capacity for e-Participation

E-Participation and Empowerment: Opportunities and Challenges for all; e-Participation: Changes that Empower People; E-Participation of Social Groups as Means for Social Inclusion:

Persons with Disabilities and Older Persons; Innovative Strategies, Services and Tools for the Empowerment of People through e-Participation


  1. Mr. Vyacheslav Cherkasov, Senior Governance and Public Administration Officer, UNDESA
  2. Mr. Edward M. Rocher, Advisor on national strategies for ICT
  3. Mr. Yuri Misnikov, UN International consultant


Closing Ceremony



The visit to Bakutel 2013



 Third day  

Sightseeing city tour