Internet as an Engine for Regional Growth and Advancement

5th Regional Internet Governance Forum
“Internet as the key to innovation and prosperity” December 07, 2017


The next Internet Governance Forum will be held in Geneva, Switzerland

The 12th Internet Governance Forum (IGF) with slogan of  "Shape Your Digital Future" will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, from 18 to 21 December 2017.The  United Nations 12th Internet Governance Forum is the world's most open platform for digital politics in Geneva.The forum is open to participants from all over the world.The event will allow to discuss opportunities and problems of digitalization to government,  private sector, civil society, technical and academic societies and international organizations. Questions about cyber security, data economy, sustainable development, human rights and influence on the internet, digitalization in our economy, media landscape and political system will be asked at IGF 2017. The presence of IGF-2017 in Geneva provides an unparalleled opportunity for constructive cooperation and for breaking silos and bringing together professionals and decision makers from all spheres.